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Walter Brueggemann: Total hottie.

Oddly enough, I have a picture of the Pastor that looks very similar.

I was going to do a blog entry about a conversation the Pastor and I had where he was wondering if his work is meaningless to which I responded I KNOW what I do is meaningless.

But then when I sat down to work on the post I was going to include a quote from Walter Brueggemann, and that's when I discovered something truly shocking:

1. I know who Walter Brueggemann is.
2. I know a quote from Walter Brueggemann.
3. I know how to spell Walter Brueggemann's name.

It's probably a good thing I'm going for a long girl's weekend to DC this Wednesday through Saturday. I've obviously been hanging around Theologians too long. If you know where we live, stop by the Parsonage and visit the Pastor. He might be lonely. And you can talk Brueggemann.

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