the Empire strikes back

I'm on strike.

From cooking.

I reached the point where I was tired of the complaining. No matter what I made, somebody said it was "spicy" or "I like the sandwiches DAD makes better." Or, I don't like that kind of butter. Or, what do you mean there's no gravy. Or, that bread tastes like soap. I'm tired of busting my asparagus in the kitchen and not feeling appreciated.

Therefore, for dinner tonight, I have done something truly shocking. For anyone who really knows me, this one will floor you.

I made Hamburger Helper.

I figure people still might complain, but at least I will have spent less time cooking. Or, perhaps, I just try too hard, and people will be delighted with cheap, processed, unhealthy food.

We'll see what happens.


Pinkstripe said...

Next on the menu: How about Jell-O salad? Maybe with shredded carrots or mini marshmallows? Or for dinner, how about mac and cheese and tuna? I actually love that one.

You don't actually sound like you're on strike. It's more of a work slowdown. Or working to rule, where you follow the breaks and lunches and overtime rules to the letter.

Let me know if you need a shop steward. I got no kids, but I got labor experience ;)

Anonymous said...

OH... My MIL would LOVE you too... LOL... she "claims" I am not a "real cook" because I cook from a BOX!!! Well... it's what HER SON will eat... so box it is!... although I always serve "baby" carrots as a healthy side! :o)

Kate said...

Are you going to treat us to Hamburger Helper on our vaca next week?

I have to tell you now that I don't like the taste of processed cheese or overly salty meat. Can you work with that?