astroglide and videotapes

Those are the things that greeted me when I arrived back home today from my long weekend in DC with friends. Left to his own devices, these are the remnants of the Pastor's time home alone.

The lubricant? The Pastor spent the better part of the weekend (better is probably not the right word) having to administer enemas to a plugged up child.

The timing of my trip could not have been better planned.

Moving on, I was deeply troubled by the stack of videos next to the teeny, tiny television we use when we want to watch a movie or something on the three television stations we are able to get at the Parsonage (like the Pastor's current fixation - the pirate reality show).

But back to my story. On the top of the video stack?

"On the Life and Ministry of the Messiah"

I pretended for a few minutes that must not be the actual video in the case. But, indeed, it was. I hit "play" and saw it with my own two eyes. The Bible Scholar de jour was describing heaven as a wedding reception.

Wedding reception?

There better be cake.


noelle said...

QUITE the startling title there!!!

Sorry about the plugged kid. We've had out share of those too!

Hope you had a great trip cuz it sounds like your re-entry was a little wild...

C.A. said...


Just popping out of lurkdom to say how much I still enjoy your posts. I sent some friends your way, too, and they like your sense of humor in a big way.

Thanks for the always entertaining updates!


Cindi Ann