64 bottles of Coke on the wall

World of Coca Cola today.

64 different Cokes to taste. I beat the Pastor and Nate and tasted them all. You only live once! Have a Coke and a smile!

Incidentally, if anyone has ever been to the World of Coca Cola and calculated the number of Weight Watcher points used by sampling 64 kinds of Coke, if you could let me know, that would be great. Or, maybe it wouldn't.

Also while on vacation, I'm dreaming. I need to look up dream interpretation for the dream I had this week. I had one of the few recurring dreams/nightmares that lives in my sub-conscious. I'm at school. I have been enrolled in classes for weeks, but didn't know and haven't been going. I am immediately presented in one class with a big stack of papers, marked in red ink, and they are assignments I've not yet completed. Also, it turns out I've been enrolled in some Science class for a very long time, have never been, and am doomed to fail.

But after things like cross-country car travel, gas station restrooms, roller coaster rides, daily Dairy Queen Blizzard Treats and 64 kinds of Coke, are dreams like this surprising?


you will only be impressed by this if you are a Weight Watcher

Just realized I made it through a week of vacation and road travel (including a treat at Dairy Queen!) without using all of my flex points for the week.

How is that possible?

I should vacation more often.

it truly was magical

No kids, no Pastor (he was however there in spirit, represented by the credit card) and freedom to shop at the Coach Outlet.

Also, BCBG Outlet, but no luck there.


more pre-trip Friday Flowers

and part of my frog collection

pic from my last flower Friday

and didn't my table look nice for the dinner party we had???


one more cheesecake pic

don't I make a lovely presentation?

the Pastor and his new baby

The Amazon Kindle.

Its practically the only thing I've ever bought him and it didn't come from Goodwill. It confuses him to have new things. He left it unopened for days, anguished over what to do.

run for the border

Turns out he would have been just as happy (if not happier) with Taco Bell.

That would have been easier.

Next year, I'm making a run for the border.

Sitting in my resort king size bed

posting pictures to my blog.

This one is of the Pastor's pre-trip b-day cheesecake.

Cheesecake Factory Original Cheesecake recipe.

Stupid copy-cat recipe book.

some day at the beach

I have undergone an extensive hair removal process which included razors, lasers, Veet, tweezers and molten wax. (Pastor: "what is taking you so long in there to get ready?") Hopefully I can enjoy a few hair-free hours at the beach before I start to stubble up.


Happy Father's Day

I'm on vacation with the Pastor and family, but wanted to say Happy Father's Day to the man who originally spoiled me.

The man who could tell I had an ear infection by the way my ears smelled.

The man who took me dress shopping at Street's Department Store and always said "just get both" to the dresses. (By the way, this apparently set a very bad precedent. The unlimited use of the AmEx card too.)

The man who told me I wouldn't win at the quarter game at the State Fair, and when I proved him wrong was forced to attach a very large stuffed pig to his belt for the rest of the day.

The man who realized I was completely hopeless with the stick shift and bought me an automatic instead.

The man who helped me assemble a complete Nancy Drew book collection - long before Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble - by picking up a book in every city he went to.

The man who brought donuts to Nate on Saturday mornings.

And you don't know this, but after one of your trips overseas you gave me a silver elephant key chain that you were given on your trip. The elephant has a secret compartment which can't possibly be for anything but holding illicit drugs, but it reminds me of you and I and have carried it in my wallet for years because you gave it to me.

And after being in this van with three children (sound familiar?) driving across states and (hopefully) making it alive to our destination, I appreciate you even more!

Happy Father's Day.

I love you.


oh that's what it was

One of the children said to the Pastor that they didn't realize when the Pastor and I were dating we were "boyfriend and girlfriend" and that grown-ups could be "boyfriend and girlfriend."

The Pastor said that's not what he called it.

Then what did you call it?

Turns out he called it "Non-Committed Romantic Encounters" - and then we got engaged.

Thanks Pastor for finally defining our relationship, four years later.


recent pics

I'm slightly behind but you should see how fabulous we all look(ed).


oh fudge

Mom and Dad recently drove through Amarillo, Texas and visited the restaurant famous for their 72 ounce steaks.

Turns out they also make fudge.

Mom brought me home a box that holds six pieces, minus three pieces. Naturally, the first thing I asked (after I said thanks of course) was where are the other three pieces lady?

Now I'm really glad there were only three pieces. And it is entirely obvious to me the reason Mom gave me the box was she has more willpower than I and was trying to get rid of the last three pieces before she ate them. Thanks.

A couple of weeks ago there was the "Eat This Not That" book incident that featured the picture of the KFC bowl. I thought "that looks pretty tasty" but I did manage to resist temptation. The last time I craved KFC, Nate was residing in my uterus. The picture book did influence me to get another book of top-secret recipes and make my own Chili's Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie, rated the worst dessert (health-wise) in America - the equivalent of three Big Macs.

Stupid books. T.V. and magazines have got to be better for you - they just make me want to buy clothes. And make-up. And shoes. And purses. And jewelry. That's it.

Fast-forward to this morning on my Starbucks run. No breakfast and I had waited far to long to get coffee into my system after too few hours of sleep. Then I started to feel it in the car.

Morning sickness.

What is wrong with me??? Does that explain the fudge and the chicken desire and all the tears?

Nope. It was just an air freshener.

When I was pregnant with Nate, as much as I loved KFC, I loathed Apple Jack & Peel potpourri. I had the stuff in my house, and it made me sick. I had to throw it away. To this day I can't stand the smell of it.

Turns out, one of the kids had made an air freshener at VBS last night and hung it in the car. Apple Jack& Peel strikes again! Those kids are always making me sick.

Thank goodness that's all it was. Babies come and go, but morning sickness - that's forever.

And it turns out there was another reason for eating the fudge and the tears and the mood swings. And it's definitely not a baby.