Funny Farm

I wish I could tell you I wasn't wearing a thrift store shirt I bought for 99 cents. And sporting red lipstick in homage to my grandmother. The crazy one.

I wish I could tell you I don't have a grocery store receipt as long as I am, from - wait for it - couponing.

I wish I could tell you I didn't come home from the grocery store, reorganize my kitchen and make home-made note cards from the cardboard packaging from my groceries.

All this while thinking about going to the new outlet mall, but telling myself "I'm too busy."


What has happened to me?

At least I'm wearing great shoes. They are also Goodwill. And my shirt is pretty awesome. Fortunately the seventies revivalism big for Fall is always big at Goodwill.

Maybe crazy is the new sane.

That's what I'm going with.