bun in the oven

I'm stress baking.

Yesterday, I made peanut butter cup bars. Tonight, I made biscuits and brownies.

I bake when I get stressed out - that is, stressed out about things in general, or when I get stressed out about dieting. When I am on the diet bandwagon, it is somehow comforting for me to bake and be around food without actually eating it. I won't eat any of the items I bake, because I just bake them and then look up the Weight Watchers point value and determine I won't eat them. (The peanut butter cup bars had 4 points for a teeny tiny bar!)

There should be nothing in particular for me to be stressed out over. I think it's delayed reaction baking. Vacation was stressful, yet there was no oven around. Maybe that's why I bake when I am stressed. Maybe it keeps me from putting my head in the oven.

The biscuits are for the Pastor's birthday tomorrow morning. I'm making him biscuits and gravy, even though several weeks ago I was told I was "too nice" and I should "stop bringing him breakfast in bed." Yes, I was actually chastized (again) for being too nice of a wife. Apparently, it is confusing.

Speaking of ovens, the Pastor and I went to see "Knocked Up" this afternoon. It's amazing. You sit in the theatre for two hours, but it really does feel like nine months.

exactly how much I'm worth
I have never seen anyone go through money quite like the way younger daughter Loretta went through souvenir money while on vacation. We had multiple cities to visit, and had explained to the kids you will want to have money to spend in all of the places. By the time we reached the end of the first city, Loretta had gone through nearly all of her money. She asked me "what will happen if we ACCIDENTALLY spent all of our money in the first city?"

Well, as one of my friends found out, what happens is you go up to Robyn's friend that you see for one hour of your vacation and you ask her for a dollar. That's what happens.


By the time we reached the end of the trip, the two daughters pooled their money and divided it up. They each had 65 cents. At the last airport we were at, for our final flight home, Loretta made a pass through all the shops. She came to the gate where the Pastor and I were waiting and proclaimed there was nothing, absolutely nothing, to be purchased in the airport shops for 65 cents.

Then she said "here Robyn, I guess you can just have it."

You mean since you can't find ANYTHING to buy, you would rather give me your money???

So I took it.

And for those of you who think I'm worth less than 65 cents, you can go here:


Apparently, some people don't like me. But that doesn't mean I'm going to go bake cookies.


bluesugarpoet said...

I've been reading your blog for a long time, and I love it! Regardless of life's many obstacles, you face and embrace it all - unabashedly - with humor.

So who cares about the nay-sayers! They obviously don't understand the divine appeal of cake or a daily Starbucks routine. Wow – you are a “real” person and aren’t afraid to blog about it all on both the good and not so good days? I say that’s fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Robyn-Don't worry about those other people-believe me-they don't like anyone really-not even themselves or each other!-I've been visiting your blog for a short time and really enjoy it-Hope the Pastor enjoys his biscuits!

Robin said...
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Robin said...

People are rude in an unprecedented via the anonymity on the internet. I love your blog.

I know you have a ton of fans over at makeup alley, too (hopefully this isn't freaking you out...)

Anonymous said...

As someone married to a pastor, I absolutely love your blog. It's awesome to see someone married to a pastor who is just absolutely, passionately herself and not trying to be a "pastor's wife". It's sad how so many people use the anonymity of the internet to attack others, especially when you haven't done anything offensive!


Anonymous said...

I married this really cool, smart, normal guy who then went and became a pastor. ;) And my Pastor and I both enjoy reading your blog. Ignore those people.

Kate said...

Wow those people on that blog are unforgiving and so completely wrong about you that it's almost funny.

How did you find that blog, anyway??

Oh yeah, are you going to put scary faces on the biscuits tomorrow?

Rookie said...

I love your zest for life!