baby corn

freaks me out

There's no baby corn in Mexican food.

I'm doing really good on Lent. That is, if you don't count today I'm doing really good on Lent.

I was going to blog something else, but between the treadmill and the computer (approximately three steps) I forgot what I was going to write. Exercise must not improve your memory.


I know why the caged bird shops

Turn, turn from sin and sorrow . . .

Two things I have learned thus far during Lent.

Turns out there is a reason I've spent so much time shopping.

Turns out I have nothing else to do.

And where to eat? Turns out I can't pick a non-Mexican restaurant to save my life. Therefore, you end up eating at IHOP.


this is the kind of stuff you do when you have given up shopping for Lent

Internet quizzes are almost as much fun as shopping. Cheaper too.

You Belong in 1966

You are a free spirit with a huge heart. Love, peace, and happiness rule - oh, and drugs too.


the 7 day itch

I'm having a hard day today.

I want to eat cupcakes and go to The Limited and buy a red dress. Or, I want to go buy the red dress, put it on and then eat the cupcakes. Very carefully, as to not get the dress dirty.

A red dress and cupcakes would definitely make me feel better.


cold hands, warm heart!

for the record

I gave up cupcakes for Lent. Those devil-ish cupcakes at Starbucks.

I did not give up giant pieces of chocolate cake from the cafe' with the twinkle lights the Pastor sometimes takes me to for dessert.

Pastor's dessert

my Valentine

Valentine Ball shoes

Numbers 26:10 ~ and the earth opened her mouth and swallowed them up together

Why God, Why?

Aren't you paying attention to how good I'm being during Lent? I've been doing everything I've said I would do. I haven't been doing the stuff I said I wouldn't do, and I've even felt a little guilty doing some stuff I didn't say I'd give up.

How could she do this to me?

I had a fabulous time at the Valentine's Ball. I ended up choosing from the three outfit contenders the white BCBG dress. It was absolutely my most favorite thing I have ever worn - and I've worn two wedding dresses! If I wasn't married, I would get married in that BCBG dress. Shoot,if I wasn't married, I'd marry that BCBG dress.

But when we got to the Ball, God decided to take me down a notch. I looked too good. I was too happy.

Out of all the dresses in all of the world, someone had on the same exact dress as me.

Not that God hadn't forewarned me properly. In my life, I've been to one other event at that particular country club. On that night, someone had on the same outfit as me. God was clearly trying to tell me, everytime you come to this place someone will be dressed exactly like you, and that will be your curse.

But back to the Valentine's Ball. I had two choices. I could avoid the girl all night (the Pastor did his best to make sure I didn't see her when she came in, but its hard to miss such a beautiful dress), or I could take the high-heeled road and go up to her and tell her how fantastic her dress was, well, because it was!

I went up to her and she said the best possible thing anyone could say in a situation like ours. She said "Robyn, just the other day, someone was telling me what great style you have." Well duh!

I still had a great night. Just that little minor detail. Oh, and someone called me by the ex-wife's name. But still, a wonderful night.


and on the first day

I made it through day 1. No nutella, no cupcake (Nate ate the last one in the fridge - I do have a stockpile in the deep freeze), no shopping, no mexican food!!!

And between abs, eliptical machine and treadmill - I exercised for one hour and fifteen minutes.

Could I have been any more perfect? As a matter of fact, yes! I sold two dresses which completely justifies all the new clothing I purchased (before lent!) to wear to the Valentine's ball tonight. I don't know which outfit I'm wearing. There are three or four contenders. I also gave myself a manicure, saving the Pastor $15.00!


check engine

Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and Chinese New Year - what an exciting week.

Fat Tuesday lived up to its name - with mexican food and a cupcake, I did what I could. Chinese New Year - don't even think about trying to get a mani/pedi on Thursday. Ash Wednesday - they put the ashes on with baby oil. I asked the Pastor if it was my imagination, or did my forehead smell like a baby??? Turns out he doesn't like the smell of baby oil. What kind of monster doesn't like that smell? Of course, I am a female and apparently genetically coded to think baby oil smells good.

I've been thinking about what to give up, or what to take up for Lent this year.

I'm far from perfect, but I have already switched to decaf, don't eat meat/chicken/pork/eggs, don't drink milk and for two years have been driving an $800 car with damage on every single spot you could possibly damage on a car and a check engine light that's been on the entire time we've owned it. Guess those check engine lights don't mean a whole lot huh? Anyway, without the caffeine and the meat and all, what else is left? Actually, quite a bit.

Here's what I've decided to do
-chose kindness
-no cupcakes
-no mexican food
-exercise one hour each day
-no shopping for clothes, purses or shoes
-no Nutella


for a limited time only!!!

I think "for a limited time only" is perhaps the scariest phrase ever.

Chocolate cherry diet Dr. Pepper anyone?

For a limited time only!

Cupcakes at Starbucks anyone?

For a limited time only!

Don't even get me started on whipped peanut butter.

Only really cool stuff is for a limited time only. You can pretty much guarantee if something sucks, it will be around forever. Like acne, ex wives, wrinkles, etc.

That phrase makes me want to stockpile (is that one word or two? I don't care enough to look it up) an emergency supply. And I never stockpile. I was one of those people who didn't care about Y2K. My concerned brother (as opposed to my unconcerned brother) brought me an oil lamp about a week before Y2K, in case the world ended. I could have cared less and the world didn't end.

And if the world ever ends, I can guarantee you I wouldn't care about light from an oil lamp as much as I would cupcakes and chocolate cherry diet Dr. Pepper. When the time comes, I will have one heck of a par-tay, seeings how I would have to eat all the cupcakes thawing from a deep freeze with no electricity. Don't come over; I won't share.