Me, looking at pj's on-line at victoriassecret.com.

The Pastor, looking over my shoulder.

Me: Would I look cute in these pj's? With the donuts all over them? Those are kind of cute? Or what about these? With the lipstick print? Which ones do you like?

The Pastor: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
(eyes glassy, mouth open)

Me: These? Or these?

The Pastor: Uhhhhhhhhhhhh, it's not so much about which ones as it is the pose. Its hard for me to get past the pose.

Me: Oh, so it doesn't matter which jammies, its just how I stand around in them.


Thanks, Victoria's Secret, thanks for the ad campaign which makes it look like that's how all grown women look in flannel pjs. Having some sort of grown-up slumber party, with lip-gloss and perfectly wavy hair. And wearing a push-up bra under the jammie top. I barely need a bra most of the time, I certainly don't need one at home when I'm in my pj's. Only Victoria's Secret could take a group of women in flannel pajamas and houseslippers and make it look semi-pornographic.

That's nice to have the clarification on the whole posing thing. That explains why, even though I purchased something from their "Very Sexy" line last month, that its never quite worked out for me when I've worn it. I guess I'm just not posing like I'm supposed to.

Sigh. Its exhausting. Even when you're just hanging around the house in your pj's.


Happy Thanksgiving

It's not a trip without

-Some sort of near death experience for me (cliff hiking). If you only knew how teeny the cliffs were, you would know how dramatic I am. But you don't know, so you don't know.

-The Pastor attempting to do something for which he is probably "too old" to do.

-A trip to Goodwill/Amvets/Salvation Army. Then, me trying to pack our stuff to come home and find room for the 13 shirts the Pastor bought at Goodwill.

-Multiple pictures of me wearing my blue Victoria's Secret hoodie and my ugly Chacos.

And I am proud to say this is my second consecutive trip with no tears. Now that's something to be thankful for.


loathes and fishes

I loathe myself.

Me, at Bible conference.

The Pastor, across conference center lobby.

The Pastor whistles at me. He is ready to go! I hop up! Here I am, my Lord!

Other Nazarene wife says NOOOOOO he did not just whistle at you!

Me, giggling. Tee hee he. He sure did! Isn't that cute? He whistles and I just hop to it, just like a nice wife would!

I can't believe I did that.

Some dogs won't do that.

I loathe myself.


Oh, and the Pastor looks really good in a wet suit. I'm so fat after a couple of trips to In-N-Out Burger, I wouldn't want to squeeze into one. Ugh.


bad haircuts & scary beards

Hello from San Diego.

I'm here with the Pastor and Nate. The Pastor is attending some Bible conference. Bad haircuts, un-kempt beards and bad fashion is every-wear. And that doesn't exclude the women.


bippidy boppidy ick

I have a friend who had a mouse in her coat closet. Because of that, everytime I look in my coat closet, I'm cautiously on the lookout for mice. As though, instinctively, that's where all mice go. And besides, my coat closet is mainly full of Barbies, but that's a different subject.

Imagine my surprise this morning when I saw a mouse, not in the coat closet, but in another area of the house.

I'm hoping it's one of those helpful mice. I have always liked the movie The Rescuers. Those were nice mice. And I liked Ratatouille. I wouldn't mind some help in the kitchen. Or even those cute mice in Cinderella. I never mend anything, I just give it to Goodwill. Maybe it's a mouse that sews buttons.

Here's hoping.

Judas Iscariot vs. Robyn ScaryIdiot

Nate: (watching a dvd) what did that guy mean when he said "I'll need 30 pieces of silver?"

Me: Uhhhhh, I have no idea. I didn't understand that part either.

Pastor: WHAT!?!?! Neither one of you get the biblical reference to Judas??? What were they talking about?

Me: Betraying a friend.

Pastor: WHAT!?!?! Neither one of you realized they were talking about Judas?

Me: Uhhhhhhh, nope. I'm watching House, M.D.! Not some boring Bible video!

This is why we don't let the Pastor watch t.v. with us.

Pastor Party at the Parsonage

Probably the last graduation pics you'll have to see. We had a tea party for the Pastor this weekend. Video features my clean house, my fabulous dress (and shoes) and one of the few kids in world I did not give birth to who is not a brat.