Happy Halloween

I dress like this all the time. I'm just glad to have a day when it's acceptable.

me & a very concerned Jehovah's Witness

He didn't need the bike, I couldn't out-run him in the heels.

Frankly, I could never be nurse. First of all, I have no bedside manner. Secondly, the shoes hurt too much.

My coach turned into a pumpkin, so I carved it.


Yes, I am expecting at least one e-mail about my tights.

(You have to give the bar a nudge at the end of the song - there's more pictures after the song is over. Sigh.)

same bench!

our bench, two years ago

those nice English people

leave bowls of sugar cubes around, even when its not tea time

The Pastor and I, after a "sugar high" -

high tea, II

This past week, the Pastor and I got to celebrate his graduation in the same library -

high tea

two years ago, a happy newlywed had her first English tea in this library -


silly Vicar!

If Pastor/Vicar wanted me to stop shopping, why did he bring me to Minneapolis? Helllllllloooooooo! World's Largest Mall! Ever heard of it?


I am blogging

and the Pastor is enjoying England outside.

I am going to join him.

To Amsterdam tomorrow, home later this week.

Hopefully, I'll be able to get all of the Top Shop stuffed in my bag. Fortunately, packing is one of my spiritual gifts.


I Married the Vicar

In the U.K. he's a Vicar, not a Pastor.

Went to the Top Shop today. I spent a lot lot lot of money in pounds, and it's even worse when you convert it to dollars.

The Vicar just said I was hogging the computer. He's been internet deprived, so I'll let him have it back.

More later.


I can't blog right now!

In the U.K. and Amsterdam.

Be back next week!


yet another blog entry nearly entirely devoted to my true love: cake

Went on a date with the Pastor last night. Went to the Powder Puff football game (girls play, boys cheer) and then out for dessert.

Of course I got the chocolate cake. A "slice" was as big as my head. Notice I didn't say as big as my bottom. Of course when the chocolate cake came, that wasn't good enough. I wanted to try a bite of the Pastor's apple-crusty-caramel-whipped cream thingy. I nearly needed to be restrained as I realized I was about to dig into his dessert and he hadn't even gotten to eat the first bite. I think he said something like "eat your own dessert!" Of course I couldn't finish the chocolate cake and I brought the rest home. You must admit though, when a piece of cake is $8, you should probably try to get more than one serving out of it. Of course, the Pastor forgot his camera (again - not sure why he's no longer capturing our every moment in film) so you will just have to take my word on how giant this cake was and how pretty I looked, you know - before I gained all the weight from eating cake.

Of course I am eating the cake as I blog. It's even better the next day, cold. Of course the cake has been haunting me all day. It's gone something like this:

Me, making coffee. Thinking I sure would like to eat cake for breakfast. It's not different from a muffin, is it? Or a chocolate CAKE donut?

Then we went to church. I would tell you I wasn't paying attention to what the Pastor was saying because I was thinking about the cake, but that's not it. I was really trying to restrain and entertain the church toddler, so that everyone else in the building could hear the Pastor talk. But had I not been in charge of the entire nursery (one toddler) I probably would have thought about cake instead of listening to the Pastor.

I do know he preached on Genesis 1.

Now, if I only knew what that's about.




Will you be my TWIRP date Saturday night?


satan's minions, at work again

at Walgreens, of course

Me, strep throat. Attempting to fill two prescriptions. One, antibiotic. The other, throat gargle solution. On throat solution, Walgreens pharm tech says "You'll have to go to a SPECIALTY pharmacy to get this filled. Like one at the hospital. We don't have these SPECIAL ingredients. No Walgreens does." OK, who knows what kind of exotic potion this is. The Pastor and I leave Walgreens. I wonder, could the CVS across the street possibly have these exotic ingredients? Hmmmmmmmm! We drive across the street, explain to the CVS GENIUS pharmacist, who laughs and says my gargle will be ready in half an hour.

Sorry, Walgreens, but I can't simultaneously deal with stupidity and strep throat.

The Pastor was very sweet, even though I was sick and spoiled. I would say acting spoiled, but I wasn't acting. I wanted soup. What kind of soup? Wonton soup or tortilla soup. He didn't want to drive that far. OK, then it woud have to be Lipton noodle soup in a box with the little, tiny noodles. I can't deal with noodle soup in a can. What I didn't tell the Pastor was I don't like the soup in a can because I think those noodles look like worms and I haven't been able to eat any worm-resembling food or fishsticks since I read How to Eat Fried Worms when I was a kid. The Pastor tried to find my soup with no success and I appreciate the effort, but I'm still not sure why he came home with a meat pizza. You know, one of the ones a vegetarian (like me) can't even try to pick the meat off because he got hamburger and it's just impossible.