it worked

I did something right.

He brought me breakfast in bed.

And he sure was impressed by those people at Starbucks.

Barista: "Is this for Robyn, OUR Robyn?"

Pastor: "Yes."

Barista: "is she all right?"

Pastor: "Yes, she is just at home in bed."


I have more of a connection with the people at Starbucks than I do at my church.


J@na said...

Knowing - really knowing the Starbucks people - we call that "evangelism" at our house - getting out there and mingling with the "people." People at church don't need to be evangelized.:)

noelle said...

My dh (the pastor) is a barista at St.Arbucks (as he calls it). It really is a model to build a church on...better than the CEO/corporate model of the today's mega-church!

Have I said too much?!