Red Robin

See how happy the $4 lemonade made me?

Totally worth it.

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do you see

why girlfriend needs to visit her hairdresser?

Oh, and check out the cake. I don't know why I didn't just go buy one like a normal person!

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one of the rare occassions...

when I took the kiddos out to McDonalds

Oh, believe me, it was a BIG DEAL.

Nate looks a bit skeptical though.

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just me & my shadow!

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curiousity is the cure for boredom, but there is no cure for curiousity

The house is clean.

The laundry is done.

The kids are gone.

My nails are painted.

I've already been to Starbucks.

The Pastor is working.

I have the whole place to myself.

Am I relaxed?????



Feeling somewhat anxious that I might be having a flashback of last summer, when either we had the kids and it was chaotic and I wanted to poke out my eyes or we didn't have the kids and I wanted to poke out my eyes out of sheer boredom.

The Pastor is not home because he is working on our rental properties, but its just as well since he's mad at me anyway. We had a scheduling conflict on our calendars. My hair appointment is scheduled for the same time that we are suppossed to be signing mortgage refinancing paperwork. And apparently the Pastor is of the belief that I think my hair appointment is more important than the re-fi.

I cannot imagine why he would think a thing like that.

I thought he liked my pretty hair.

Must. find. something. to. do. Must find something to do which does not involve eating, because after all I have lost the weight and look fabulous. Except for my hair. Expect more blogging.


pucker up

My throat hurts.

So last night, when we went to Red Robin for older daughter's b-day, I ordered a Speckled Lemonade, which is a fancy strawberry lemonade.

This particular beverage costs $4. Yes, I am aware that is a great deal of money for a drink, particularly since
1. this drink does not contain alcohol
2. this is not at Starbuck's, where everyone knows it is perfectly acceptable to pay upwards of $4 for a lovely coffee beverage and enjoy it with a $1.50 donut

Anywho, you get UNLIMITED REFILLS on this drink. The Pastor starts guzzling down my lemonade, taking drinks at every opportune moment. Did he want lemonade? NOOOOOOOO, because if he did he would have ordered some, wouldn't he have? Does he even have strong feelings of love for lemonade? No! The bottom line is that if the Pastor is going to pay for a $4 drink, we are going to drink as much of it as humanly possibly, even if our lips pucker and our tummys and bladders are full, including asking for a to-go cup of it on our way out the door.

On the way home, I finally asked the Pastor to stop drinking my drink. I said "do you EVEN want that"? Because I DO. So I would like for you to stop worrying about my $4 drink and let me enjoy my lemonade.

Oh, and by the way - this restaurant is a fancy burger joint and every single one of the kids ordered pizza. But that's a whole other blog entry.


van-driving Shekemites and the Wizard of Oz

1. Bible stuff is so deep in my sub-concious that I am having bible scholar dreams involving Shekemites. I don't even know what a Shekemite is. I don't even know if I am spelling it correctly. I am not going to look it up. I've wasted too much time on Shekemites already if I am dreaming about them.

2. Let me introduce you to the world's sexiest van driver. Me. As if it wasn't bad enough that I had to have one of those milestone birthdays, I had to become a van driver in the same week. Actual intersection incident:

me, driving in van, by myself
car, next to me, full of guys
me, minding my OWN BUSINESS, willing for the stoplight to change from red to green
guys next to me: "WOW, she is HOT! She must be driving her mom's van!"

Oh, if they only knew!

3. Let me introduce you to the world's sexiest bike rider. Me. It's blue and has a pink horn and a pink basket for my invisible magical puppy dog. If only the Pastor didn't hate small animals, I could ride around around with a real To-To.

4. I've lost thirteen pounds. It's a radical new concept: eating healthier and exercising. BUT but but before you can lose the weight, the first part of the process is that you have to gain 13 pounds.


me, the Pastor and a bunch of nature

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we survived the first year

but where is the Pastor?

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I killed him.

The Pastor, immediately after viewing the credit card statement.

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ridin' dirty

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1. I made a pie.
2. I wore a pretty dress.

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the lady is a tramp

OK, jumping on the trampoline is more like it.

Having a matching problem with my outfit, but what would Carrie Bradshaw do?

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me, Nate & my pretty nails

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but when he's around me...

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the Pastor when he's NOT around me

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the Pastor and I slightly disagree...

I think I should drive something LIKE THIS.

He thinks I should drive a van.

Guess who wears the pants in our family?

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no fan of the natural look!

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Mommy & Me

I was the only mommy who matched my outfit to my child's dance costume.

OK, it was a total coincidence.

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on our way...

out the door to dance recital

You were wondering... where else we might go dressed like this!

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well lookie there

Apparently, even though I haven't touched a computer in days, I have posted pictures to my blog.

That sneaky Pastor.

There is NO WAY I would have posted the pic of me sleeping at the library.


even I make mistakes


Well, I went a bit overboard with the glittery face powder! An example of what NOT to wear. Posted by Picasa

another prom pic


the fashion magazines said simple straight hair is best, in case you win the tiara Posted by Picasa