delivered in 30 minutes or less

5 + 6 = 11

Last night, we had 6 extra people over for dinner. We invited some college students who had been on mission trips this summer to have dinner with us and talk to our kiddos about their experiences.

I wanted to order pizza.

Nope. Noooooooooooooooo.

The Pastor didn't feel like pizza was "dinner-ish" enough. He wanted to do everyone makes their own taco salad. That's easy for him to say. Do you know what make your own taco salad means? 82 bowls of individual salad toppings. I didn't actually count, so that may not be exactly right, but that's what it seemed like.

Here's how it went down. I got out of my literature class at 10:40 and went from there to the grocery store. Shopped for the food. Spent a lot of money. Unloaded 82 sacks of groceries. I didn't actually count so that may not be exactly right, but you know they can only put about two items in those plastic sacks. Made a dessert. Got the other food ready . . .

In the end, I only spent about 9 hours on dinner. I did look cute though, in my apron and heels. Sort of like a 1950's housewife wearing dark and stylish jeans and a Bitten t.

There are leftovers. If you want a salad, come on over. And if you don't want a salad, we'll call Papa Johns.


my very exciting Friday night

And I'm not being sarcastic. For once.

I dropped everything and went to where I knew this guy would be hanging out.

He is one of the few men on the face of the earth who can completely boss me around. OK, he may very well be the only one.

Sorry, Pastor.


wide load

I hate Payless.

Visit to store #1 to buy red Kenley button sandals. I saw them in a magazine!

Have in my size, but they are scratched. OH, and it's buy one pair, get the next half off, so I HAVE to find another pair. Have to. Not a problem. Want to buy two pairs of shoes, but guess what? They don't have another non-scratched pair of the red Kenley button sandals.

Am given piece of paper with COUPON if I go purchase the shoes at another Payless. Yes, they tell you what Payless's to go to. Go to Payless #2, and they have the red Kenley button sandals BUT NOT THE OTHER PAIR OF SHOES I WANT. I ask sales lady "do you have these in a 7 NOT wide" to which she replies "that shoe only comes in wide."

Uhhhhhh, nuh uh.

Yes it does. (Yes, please argue with me.)


By this time, I decide to go the route which always makes me happiest, using a machine which allows me to avoid dealing with people. I decide to just go home and order shoes from the www.

Guess what? One of the two pairs - I can't order on-line.

This would only be an actual crisis if I didn't already own like a hundred pair of shoes.


thankfully, he uses his powers for good and not evil

The Pastor and I had joint doctor appointments. The Pastor is freakishly competitive, and it bothered him that my pulse was lower than his. Mine was 64, thank you very much.

So he sits in the doctor's office and wills his pulse to lower to beat me. He managed to get his pulse down one point.

He didn't try to beat my blood pressure though. My blood pressure was something like 91/54. The Pastor said I was "practically dead" and he didn't want any part of that.


belly-dancing mom of middle-schooler

It's official. I am now the mother of a middle-schooler. Somehow, he is old enough to be in the sixth grade, yet I haven't aged a day.

conversation beginning about a half a mile from school this morning:

Nate: Are you going to go inside with me?

Me: It's up to you. It sounds like you have a handle on where you're supposed to go.

Nate: Well, I think some kids will be by themselves and I think some kids will be with their parents, so if you WANT to go inside with me I think that'll be ok.

Of course, I went inside. Probably the last chance I'll get to do that. Fortunately, I had on a cute dress and not the belly dancer outfit I had on yesterday (long story) which I threatened to wear when I drove him to school this morning. Nate was mortified by the belly dancer outfit, but the Pastor seemed to like it.

Nate will be fine. And as for me, I actually made it home before I started to cry, so I guess with the exception of belly dancing outfits I'm starting to grow up too.



I got sick just as soon as I got home.

Stupid allergies!

Stupid re-circulated, contaminated air on airplanes!

Plus it was probably taxing on my immune system. You know, to go from a complete, relaxing vacation, to come home where I have to do absolutely nothing.

I'm almost better. And speaking of naturally, I'm getting my hair highlighted tomorrow. That always makes a girl feel better.


the end

it was a great trip


only with luggage


To a certain friend of mine: do you like my long shorts and my I.N.C. shirt?

Oh, and look at the pearls the Pastor got me.

the pool that runs right into the ocean



the love boat

the lighthouse is in the background

it's not a va-ca until you have had a near death experience

The lighthouse where I thought I was going to die.

I don't care for heights.

I really don't care for climbing metal stairs you can see through.

Freaks me out.

another one of our hotels

are you sick of my pictures yet? : )

I found a Shake's!

We used to have one where we live, but not anymore. I got to eat my $5 ice cream twice, and I still lost weight on va-ca.

Added bonus: the Shake's was in the same shopping center as a Goodwill, so the Pastor was happy too.

the Pastor's spiritual gift

being able to destroy a hotel room in a very short amount of time

But you can tell I was truly on vacation - I'm getting ready to go to the beach instead of tidying things up!

surfer dude

Yes, I totally married surfer dude.

totally worth it

After one day at Universal Studios, we sold our multi-day pass and opted instead to go to the beach and the Salvador Dali museum.

Universal Studios

look directly above my head, at the green and white sign

you can almost hear the angels singing


crab legs

slightly gross to crack little legs and pull out the meat, but not as gross as the fish with the eyeballs still intact on the plate

whatever makes the Pastor happy

1st travel outfit

capri jeans, white Sarah Jessica Parker Bitten t and check out the necklace



Scene: Fort Lauderdale hotel room, this morning. The Pastor is in the shower.

Me, shouting out to the Pastor: Did you see the traffic outside?

(because we live in a place where there is virtually no public transportation and everyone drives a car, yet there's hardly any traffic so traffic is fascinating)

Pastor, responding: Did I see the prophets outside???

First, why would there be a prophet on the streets of Fort Lauderdale? It's not Spring Break!?!

Second, why would the Pastor think I would be starting up a conversation with him about prophets? On vacation? Really? Before coffee?


Next scene: At Fort Lauderdale airport. Trying to use automatic ticket printing machine, as to not have to deal with humans. Machine won't work, have to go talk to human. While we are waiting to talk to person, the following conversation ensues:

Me: I think the machine is not working because they want to put us on an earlier flight and we will actually have less travel time today.

Pastor: Nu-uh.

Guess what? I am the freaking prophet in Fort Lauderdale! ME! We got an earlier flight. The Pastor tried to tell me it didn't count because it only got us in 45 minutes earlier, but I know I better.

Off to see what else I can prophesy. (Yes, following my typing the word prophesy there was a five minute discussion with the Pastor if prophesy is gramatically correct.)

Oh, and I'm home.


bahama mama

Greetings from the Bahamas.

That's where I am. The Pastor didn't toss me over the side of a cruise ship.

It's been just lovely. There are no children here. Well, there are children, just not any of mine. The only irritant I've had for days is sand in my bikini bottoms. Oh, and I didn't like it when the Pastor ordered fish yesterday that came on the plate with it's eyeballs still intact.

I've found a Starbucks every day. Not necessarily the real thing, you know those "We Proudly Brew" places, but close enough.

p.s. I did visit the happiest place on earth in Florida - the Coach outlet!!!