how to tell if you are married

I was still in bed this morning. The Pastor had just left to teach his 8 a.m. class. My phone, in the windowsill, beeped that I had a new message. So I stayed in bed for a moment fantasizing and romanticisizing what the message said. Maybe:

"You are fabulous and I love you."

or maybe...

"Your hair looked really pretty yesterday."


"Being married to you is the best thing that ever happened to me."
"I wish I was still snuggled up next to you."

or even...

"Thanks for going to eat tortilla soup and guacamole AGAIN with me last night."

I'd settle for...

"I'm sorry I farted on you this morning."

So I creeped out of bed and read my message. Here it is:

"Please bring me my belt".

OK, not quite what I had expected.


first I played hide-and-seek, now it's tag

I got tagged to complete this list, and since I have felt so un-blog worthy lately, I've succumbed to the easiness of this post. Read on...

Four jobs I’ve had in my life:
1. Fraud Investigator
2. Evil manager/boss-lady
3. I was also a researcher and an underwriter (believe me, something nobody dreams of wanting to be when they grow up...let's see... I want to be President, a ballerina, a princess, and OH! an underwriter! That's it! An underwriter!
4. A kept woman. My personal fave.

Four movies I can watch over and over:
1. Legally Blonde
2. Love Actually (Hugh Grant dances! Hugh Grant dances!)
3. Bridget Jones Diary
4. Sex and the City - OK, technically not a movie but I've rented them enough.
(notice two of the four movies include Colin Firth humina humina humina insert purring noises here)

Four places I have lived
1. the house where I grew up... I lived in the SAME HOUSE until the day I got married (the 1st time)
2. a lovely cockroach infested apartment
3. the condo Nate and I lived in after the dissolution of marriage
4. the parsonage

Four TV shows I love to watch (shhhh.... I'm not supposed to watch tv)
1. Sex and the City
2. Sponge Bob Square Pants
3. Friends
4. The Ellen Show

Four places I have been on vacation (and I've been all of these places in the last year! Yikes!)
1. Manchester, England
2. North Dakota
3. Arizona
4. Missouri

Four of my favorite dishes
1. mmmmm Mexican food! Cheese enchiladas! Chips! Salsa! Tortillas! Tortilla soup at On the Border! Guacamole! This is what I had for dinner last night!
2. oatmeal cookies WITHOUT RAISINS!
3. Starbucks
4. rice

Four websites I visit daily
(oh how I wish I had daily access to the internet)
1. google
2. news
3. news
4. news

Four places I would rather be right now
1. the beach
2. with my chocolate loving friend, I'm having withdrawals since I haven't been able to e-mail her much
3. in my secret, special place
4. 1994, I was much younger then...

Four bloggers I am tagging (just two special ones)