Do you want to join my club? Check the box for yes or no!

I just got this book. It is, as the cover states, a merit badge book for grown-up girls. I saw the book before my va-ca at a bargain bin at the evil Wal-Mart store, and I went back to get it (always buy something when you see it so you don't have to go back) and it was gone. So I ordered it off Amazon.com and I think it ended up being cheaper.

The book has merit badges for things like painting, throwing a party, dancing . . . and some I will never earn as I am knitting impaired and probably not going to jump out of a plane unless it is absolutely necessary because a giant rat is chasing me. You can also make up your own merit badges. I should get one for my trip packing skills.

I think this concept could be fun and I wanted to invite others to join me. Obviously, a bunch of other people bought the book - if I only knew who they were! So, I'm starting a club. I'm thinking of calling it the GUGS - Grown-up Girl Scouts. I thought if anyone wants to get together either in person or via the internet, we can work on merit badges together, encourage each other, maybe help each other out with our special skills. For instance, if there were a badge for eating thumbprint cookies, I would be earning that right now. I would gladly help others with this as well; it's much more fun to not eat them alone. (I've apparently gotten the Pastor hooked on these devilishly good cookies too, and after a stressful appointment, HE JUST TOOK ME BY THE BAKERY to replenish my stock. I thought Pastor's weren't supposed to be evil.)

Anyway, let me know if you are interested. You can send me an e-mail. And if you don't want to earn merit badges, well you can still join. I'm sure we can find books to talk about or we can always discuss weight/make-up/fashion. There's room for everyone in my club. And if you don't want to join, oh well, I'll have more merit badges than you.

P.S. I'm not promising some sort of stylish uniform won't be involved.

I'm off to work out. I already did 45 minutes on the treadmill today, but if I go to the gym, I can watch Paris Hilton on Larry King Live. Besides, I have some cookies to burn. That right there defines MY CLUB - burning cookies off, not selling them!



EE said...

Your bio totally made me laugh!
Need more info. on the club:)

madame x said...

I would take you for a daughter-in-law any darn day..

Absolutely love your candor

Absolutely get your humor

Carry on......

erika said...

I want to join!