He'll know how much I miss him

when he pulls up the Discover card account online.

He'll see I used it at Taco Bell and Goodwill.

Just wanted to let him know I was thinking about him.

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squaring up the sheets

This is as fancy as it gets. No Pottery Barn sheets here, just Target. No high thread count. As you can see, not even matching pillow cases. And that quilt? I hate it. Marital compromise. As you can tell, the only thing I'm interested in decorating is myself.

The Pastor has been gone for 18 days. This also means I haven't slept for 18 days. Or made the bed. When I finally collapse in the wee hours of the morning after watching all the Casey Anthony trial I could record, this is how it looks. It ain't pretty, and neither am I without my beauty sleep.

I'm to the point of needing a script for Ambien. Or one of those drips like Michael Jackson had.

Or a Pastor.

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today is the first day of the rest of my summer

What to do, what to do, what to do!

A couple of weeks ago the Pastor and I went to Colonial Williamsburg. Then the Pastor dragged the whole family to Colorado. Then the Pastor got on a double decker plane and flew I don't know how many time zones away.

My point here - we've been gone and crazy busy. Today is the first official day of my summer.

First, I've decided to work my way through the entire Starbucks menu. I know, it's a lofty goal. I promise to do my best.

Of course, there's a weight goal. I'm also going to lose _____ pounds. The blank is my little secret. I started Weight Watchers again. It's one of the never ending stories of my life. I am high tech this time and tracking on my iPhone. This provides me with all sorts of handy, useless information. For instance, I can tell you right now my favorite foods include: string cheese, reduced fat triscuits, olive oil, tortilla chips and Weight Watchers mini cheese pizzas.

Pastor would be proud of me so far. I already took the trash out once. I know he's probably fearful that it would pile up and by the time he returned home the house would look like something out of Hoarders. Also, I got up early today and I'm already dressed and working.

Up. Dressed. Off to a good start. Except I'm not entirely on top of things. My battery is dying. I better hurry up and post this.

Here's to a good summer.


96 hours left

The Pastor is here for 96 more hours before he leaves for the summer.

We'll see if he lives that long.

I just asked the Pastor if he liked the necklace he had bought me. Today is the first time I've worn it.

The Pastor expressed concern about all the stuff "he" had bought me.

No, I insisted, you really did buy this for me. You physically picked it out and paid for it. This wasn't/isn't like all the other stuff, he really did buy it!

He still didn't believe me. More details. I reminded him how we were in Kansas City. . . .

Then he remembered how he had in fact bought it for me.

I wonder if he will remember to buy me anything while he's in Thailand. I might need up help him out.