no wonder Jesus walked on water

I have diligently been exercising every day.

Numerous things have kicked my butt. The treadmill. The elliptical machine. Aerobics. Bike. Yoga Booty Ballet. Carmen Electra. I backpacked across Europe! And as unbelievable as it may sound, I’ve even jogged. In fact, up until now, I was of the firm belief (well firm is probably the wrong word) that running is about the worst thing you can do.

But nothing, absolutely nothing, has ever kicked my butt quite like what I tried this week.


We recently joined the Y and they have a very nice indoor heated swimming pool. In an effort to mix up my exercise regimen and make it exciting (as exciting as you can make exercise), I swam laps the other day.

I felt like I was going to die.

The old man and the old lady (older than me) also swimming laps, and not looking like it was any big deal, certainly didn’t help me to feel good about myself. And isn’t that the whole point of working out in a “public” place? You know, working out next to the old people to make yourself feel superior?

How many laps did I swim, you might ask? Dozens?

I managed to make it around the pool four times.

Jesus was smart.

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Em said...

HA!! I swam in highschool competitively and now I can't even make it down and back 4x. So, you did good!