the first taste is with the eyes

Of course, they loved the Hamburger Helper.

Went on and on about it.

I thought it looked like vomit on a plate.

Wait a minute, this post sounds dangerously like a haiku. Let me get it right:

they loved the helper
went on and on about it
vomit on a plate

There. See, when I don't spend all that time in the kitchen, I have much more time to write/blog.


bluesugarpoet said...

brilliant haiku!

Wait a minute - I think I accidentally stepped in it the other day...

Ch@ndy said...

I LOVE the new look.

Ch@ndy said...

Thanks for stopping by Chapter 36. I have been reading here since about three months after you started posting. Just found it randomly and have been coming back ever since with friends in tow!

Have a wonderful weekend!

erika said...

Awesome haiku...it's up there with 'stuff kitty in box'.