what have you done for me lately?

We had to go to rural America yesterday for the Pastor to preach. While we were there, some little kids were baptized. The children's minister asked the kids to share what God has done for them before they got baptized. The first little kid stood up and said that God had given him bunk beds.

What has God done for me lately?

Whipped Peanut Butter is back! I bought six jars of it.

Thank you Jesus. And in case your wondering, I would prefer a king size bed.


most brides

Would have said "its bad luck to see the groom on the wedding day."

Not me. I said "let's go eat Mexican food."

I was the bride who ate nachos, salsa and Dr. Pepper on her big day.

And cake too.


pictures: the remix

3 years

774 blog posts about being married to the Pastor
14 countries
14 states
2 well-used pairs of Chacos and Osprey backpacks
1 time I tried to kill you in Greece
2 skateboards
1 move
1 appliance, 1 dining room set and 1 car purchased
2 times I freaked out because black lizards crossed my path when we were hiking
3 kids
at least 150 trips to some sort of Mexican restaurant
36 months of cell phone commitment
1 completed Ph.D.
and 1 *free* anniversary card (this slideshow of pictures) I made on my computer

Happy Anniversary Pastor!

I'm glad I got my passport.

I love you.

til Tuesday

If the Pastor and I make it til Tuesday, we'll have made it three whole years.

I skipped down memory lane a bit and looked at some of my older posts.

Before the Pastor could talk about things like "commitment" and "marriage" he used phrases like "combining cell phone plans."

That should have told me something.

Anyway, here's the post -


I knew he loved me when he bought me the big diamond ring. I knew he loved me when he put all my stuff in his garage. I knew he loved me when he let me drive the Mustang. But this is the sum total of all commitments - combining cell phone plans. He had to "assume responsibility" for me. We had a little ceremony right there at the T-Mobile store. It's funny how the Pastor gets all the responsibility and has to pay all the money, and I just sit around and look cute. Oh, by the way, I have on the free t-shirt that came with my Britney Spears perfume.


high IQ

I got this email today:

Robyn Renee, Happy Anniversary!
You took Tickle's Classic IQ Test a year ago! We want to celebrate by offering you an in-depth analysis of your IQ -- for FREE!

In your free IQ analysis:

How you compare to others
Your intellectual strengths
Answers to the test questions
Think you've gotten smarter in the past year? Take the test again!


Apparently, I took an IQ test a year ago. Apparently, my IQ is not high enough for me to have even remembered doing this, nor what the results were.

How I compare to others? I compare fabulously!

I'm fairly certain I've done nothing in the past year that has made me any smarter, so I think I'll pass on the re-take. I would only improve on the score if they have somehow added a celebrity trivia section.


Costa Rica

How often do you get to see me on a horse?


I am here


I am here

It is a "1930 Historical Landmark."

Presidents Truman, Kennedy and Carter stayed here! And John Wayne. And now me. And the Pastor.

Spent a lovely day in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Now at this fabulous hotel. The National Theatre (Wikipedia if you want) is right across the street, and they have everything around our hotel blocked off for the Opera tonight - police and blokades that make the Pastor and I feel like celebrities.

Working at putting back on some of the weight I´ve lost this past week. Nutella crepes!

Ahhhhhhh. Good day. Good night. Home tomorrow.


every cloud has a silver lining

Two fabulous things about the rainforest:

1. My hair looks amazing. And I've not even flat ironed it! Just travel size Pantene shampoo and conditioner - much cheaper than the beauty supply store stuff I've been using.

2. Due to my refusal to eat any more, due to what must be the largest rat ever (I saw the poo) I have no doubt dropped some pounds.

Its practically like coming to a spa!

Except for the whole toilet paper thing.


and my knight in shining armor came riding upon a white horse to rescue me

Not quite, but I did get the white horse.

The Pastor and I took a two hour horse ride through the rainforest this morning.

It was my idea - what a fabulous marital compromise. He got to be out in the nature, and I didn't have to worry about any snakes or lizards. The only thing I had to worry about was my cranky horse.

Here today and tomorrow and then off to San Jose. Nope, not California. San Jose, Costa Rica.


its a rainforest out there

Greetings from Costa Rica.

If you think I'm at some swanky tourist-y place, you are wrong.

It was a bumpy flight. I concentrated very hard at not throwing up.

From the plane, it was an even bumpier ride on a bus. For hours. The people on the bus went up and down, up and down, and round and round. I concentrated very hard on not throwing up.

Finally, the bumpy road ended. It was replaced with a mud slide. For hours. I concentrated very hard on not dying.

I made it. Probably not the most helpful thing that the girl who sat next to me at dinner on our first night was telling about how she had just been bit by a snake.

I later explained to the Pastor that I am not 1. a scientist or 2. a four-year old boy. I don't like snakes or bugs.

I've been on two long hikes with the Pastor. I've gotten much better at hiking. I found out that hiking is really just walking. Except when you hike there are bugs and lizards and giant piles of animal poo.

Why, after the first hike, did the Pastor find it necessary to mention that he had seen a snake on our hike, why????? On today's hike, I saw a giant black lizard. The Pastor, thinking it must have been another snake, tried to tell me it was a twig. I knew better. Also, something growled at me (it may have been the Pastor).

I am getting to at least sleep with the Pastor. We are in a room with two twin beds, pushed together. I think this is the third time in our marriage we've had to push the beds together.

The good news is I'll come home all ripped from this trip from the lack of food and all the hiking (those two times).

That's all for now. Oh, and I really, really miss flushing my toilet paper.