I married the keynote speaker

Then he took me out for dessert.


Date night??? Not quite.

No date tonight with the hot Pastor. : (

But he did invite me to go along as he rode to a retreat, in a car with three other religious professors.

I took a pass.

Next best thing to a date with the Pastor: sitting on the couch watching old Grey's Anatomy and giving myself a mani.

focus on the important things

The Pastor's got a big speaking event this weekend.

I have no idea what he's going to talk about, but I know he's working on it. While he's doing that, I've been figuring out what to wear.

I found a bronze dress that looks and feels like hammered silk, without the need to dry clean, and lovely bronze Calvin Klein flats with beaded details. Do you think it's ok to wear flats to an evening event? I wouldn't normally think so, but these are lovely:

Now I just need to figure out what to dress the Pastor in - guess all that practice with my Ken doll will be put to use.


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the Devil (almost) made me do it

I went through the Starbucks drive-thru this morning.

I ordered my usual, and hey! It's Friday! I went for it and asked for a slice of lemon pound cake.

The magical voice on the speaker told me "I just sold the last one to the car in front of you. Why don't you just ram that car with your car, and then you can have it."



Voice on the intercom, do you really think I should do that? I already do whatever you tell me to do. You say pull up to the window, and I pull up to the window. You say that'll be $X.XX and I give you whatever you want. In exchange you give me a hot cup of addiction.

I sat there in my car and wondered if this defense would hold up in court. I had to do it. The Goddess on the Starbucks loudspeaker commanded me. I guess I wondered too long because the other car drove off. Not wanting to anger the Goddess, I pulled forward.

How am I supposed to help the poor and the homeless without $2 lemon pound cake in my belly?

At least my coffee is good.