turns out

the Pastor DOESN'T need my help when he's preaching

he didn't appreciate those secret hand signals nearly as much as I thought he would

Oh well. He couldn't have been too upset. He still took me to brunch at the German place.


C.A. said...

I'm so laughing here....WHAT hand signals are you giving him during his sermon?

Lala said...

LOL Robyn... if they're anything like the handsignals I give MY husband... WHY is it that men are "hand signal reading" challenged?

Hope the lunch was YUMMY!

Lala :o)

Suzie said...

where you trying to get him to hurry up so you could beat the Methodist to the restaurant?

Guilty Secret said...

Ha ha... Lala is so right... men are useless at deciphering hand signals!

Anonymous said...