me & the Pastor?????

No, not quite. I don't have horns, contrary to what he might say. And he certainly wouldn't allow any small dogs. Trust me.
Kids ok, dogs not ok. Whatever. He wouldn't have had to pay for braces for the dog! Ha!

It COULD be us though. He does leave his shoes all over the place.

I have been a busy, well-behaved Pastor's wife.

First of all, I went to a ladies Christian luncheon last week. I brought the median age down significantly. What do Christian ladies wear? A Max & Cleo houndstooth dress, skinny red patent belt and 1940-ish red heels.

Then, I went to a ladies Bible coffee yesterday. Again, doing my part to bring the median age waaaaaaay down. I'm pretty sure I am/was incognito about my identity as a Pastor's wife and that whole thing about being married to Dr. Bible Scholar. Due to one perfectly innocent stream of conversation, they may have even thought I don't attend church. We'll see how long I can fly below the radar. Oh, and how fabulous was ladies Bible coffee? They had cake!!! Chocolate cake! You know how happy this makes me.

I have been volunteering as a Docent at the art museum. The painting above is by the artist currently being featured in a special exhibit. So far, I haven't actually had to do anything, except undergo training about the exhibit and about art. I've gotten to walk through the current exhibit twice. Isn't that fantastic? I get to say I'm volunteering, and I get to walk around and look at art! It's as though I've beaten the system! If you live by me, you should go see this exhibit. There is no cake, but there is a pastel drawing of a piece of chocolate cake with pink icing. Close enough.

I have recently accepted a temporary assignment working at the temporary agency. I love love love love love temp assignments. I love being invisible and everyone ignoring you because you are just temporary.

And speaking of being invisible, I am apparently good enough to deliver goodies to soccer practice, but not good enough for anyone to acknowledge my presence. Hmmmm, maybe I AM invisible??????

I wonder, should I use my powers for good or evil?

Bwah ha ha ha ha!


Lala said...

Well Robyn... You DO have "horns"... at least in the picture... which BTW in an odd sort of way I really LIKE (the picture)... I think volunteering in an art museum would be loads of fun!!!

Sounds like you were looking mighty cute at all your "godly functions"...

Lala :o)

Anonymous said...

I worked temp all through college and loved deciding if I wanted to accept the job or not and then seeing all different kinds of offices. Some were great and some not so great. It's an experience being temp!

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Hi Robyn,
I discovered your blog a few days ago and went back and read the whole thing....you are sooo funny. I think your life would make a good sit com. At the very least you should be a writer...and though I'm a bit older than you we not only share the same name but I was born on the fifth of May. How's that?
Adding you to my favorites.

robena said...

Hi Robyn!

Gotta give you credit for doing the Pastor's wife thing. Sounds like you are going against the stereotype that people have of the Pastor's wife -- matronly, dowdy; the one who teaches the bible studies; heads up the children's Sunday school program as well as the VBS program; is a prayer warrior interceding for the Pastor's flock; always looking for every opportunity to be a witness to bring more to salvation.

It is indeed refreshing to see that you walk to the beat of a different drummer, that you live in this world and enjoy it! :-) I can tell that you and your Pastor hubby love each other dearly, but you don't hold him up on a pedestal because he's the Pastor. Seems like some women marry an accountant and you just happened to marry a Pastor - you don't let his occupation interfere with who you are.

Good to see that you don't conform to what most churches would expect the Pastor's wife to be like - glad to see you're your own person - keep being Robyn!