one more, from the other direction

You can see the china cabinet that proves I am, in fact, an official old lady. An old lady who is fat from too many cookies and who's knees should not be seen.


Lala said...

Hi Robyn!!! But an "old lady" that has FABULOUS artwork on her wall!!!

Hope the dinner goes well!!! Menu sounds YUMMY!!!

You can have MY cookie... I'm not that into chocolate

Lala :o)

lifeinsuburbia said...

HA! That was the 'just after it had been cleaned' picture. About an hour later it was a mess....

Are you guys going to Galileos friday night?

Suzie said...

my "ex" use to do diner for the deacons and wives.... I so hated that time they never taught a course in entertaining at seminary. I wonder why?

chesapeake_phoenix said...

I'm having Klimt envy!
It's Gorgeous!