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5 + 6 = 11

Last night, we had 6 extra people over for dinner. We invited some college students who had been on mission trips this summer to have dinner with us and talk to our kiddos about their experiences.

I wanted to order pizza.

Nope. Noooooooooooooooo.

The Pastor didn't feel like pizza was "dinner-ish" enough. He wanted to do everyone makes their own taco salad. That's easy for him to say. Do you know what make your own taco salad means? 82 bowls of individual salad toppings. I didn't actually count, so that may not be exactly right, but that's what it seemed like.

Here's how it went down. I got out of my literature class at 10:40 and went from there to the grocery store. Shopped for the food. Spent a lot of money. Unloaded 82 sacks of groceries. I didn't actually count so that may not be exactly right, but you know they can only put about two items in those plastic sacks. Made a dessert. Got the other food ready . . .

In the end, I only spent about 9 hours on dinner. I did look cute though, in my apron and heels. Sort of like a 1950's housewife wearing dark and stylish jeans and a Bitten t.

There are leftovers. If you want a salad, come on over. And if you don't want a salad, we'll call Papa Johns.


Suzie said...

I love salad...any tequila leftover?

bsp said...

Did you wear those cute button strap heels from Payless?

bsp (J@na) said...

Uh, that shoe comment was from me (J@na). :)