judge not, lest you be judged

I have always been a loyal Walgreens customer. My loyalty is based on the following reasons:

1. The CVS pharmacy across the street is junky.
2. Walgreens is on the "right" side of the street and is easier to get to.

Sure, my loyalty has been tested. That time when I went to pick up my valium in the drive-thru in our beat-up Honda, and the Pharmacy Tech mistook me for a crack-head. Her: You've ALREADY picked up this prescription. Me: Uhhhhh, no I haven't. Back and forth half a dozen times until she realized that I was not a dangerous drug addict and had not already picked up the prescription.

But now, Walgreens has started judging me, and I'm not happy about it.

Earlier this week, when the Pastor thought he was having an aneurysm (yes we went to the ER, yes they did a cat scan) I went to Walgreens to buy some Tylenol. The judging machine, a.k.a. the cash register, automatically spits out a coupon for me to join AARP. What? The Tylenol wasn't even for me!

Today, I went to buy tights. The judging machine automatically spits out a coupon for some sort of super-duper cover-up make-up for unsightly legs.

I am not THAT old and ugly, Walgreens. I buy US Magazine there all the time, and it never spits out some sort of "you are so young and hip you should buy this product" coupon. I don't know what that product would be, probably because I'm not young and hip, but I'm not a geriatric either.

I've noticed everytime Walgreens builds a store here, CVS tries to set up shop on an opposite street corner. They are trying to give Walgreens a run for their money, but with this sort of cruel marketing, CVS needn't worry.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it crazy how they are right together on both corners? One of them ought to find a spot where there is not another corner available for the other to build.

I prefer Walgreens too. They just seem a little cleaner.

Kate said...

next it will be coupons for depends.

Lala said...

Walgreens just went in here RIGHT ACROSS from the hospital (you would think a smart move right?)... only thing... they AREN'T open 24hours... BUT... the CVS 2 blocks down IS... I told my husband it's just a matter of time before Walgreens starts advertising "Open 24 Hours"

Lala :o)

Anonymous said...

the pastor didn't think he was having an aneurysm - the doctor who evaluated him thought he was having one. he was just in mind-numbing pain, running a fever, with high blood pressure, a prophetic foretaste of his future . . .

Anonymous said...

It's like the Wal-mart/Target thing. Where there's one, there'll inevitably be another close by. That must be the first thing people are taught in "Marketing 101."

Also, I prefer Walgreen's, but only because of the fast picture developing that I can send to any store I want from their website!, and also because there is never anybody at the CVS counter when I go in and there's ALWAYS someone at every Walgreen's counter - even the makeup counter at midnight!