It's me!

1. Great dress, but I should have carried a different purse.

2. Spent all afternoon getting dressed, and not one decent picture. I don't like my bare legs and I don't care for my knees. Coco Chanel was right about a woman's knees not needing to be seen.

3. And how much do you hate it when this happens? I bought a necklace to go with the dress. Do you see it? No! Because I forgot to wear it!


Lala said...

Hi Robyn!!! Cute dress... Hmmmmm... I'm with CoCo... knees and FEET are not attractive on ANYONE (IMO)... LOL... Hmmmmm... maybe a little black clutch purse???

I have when I have a nice necklace and it falls below the neckline of my top and you can't even see it!!!

CUTE dress though!!!

lala :o)

Kate said...

Are you at a rodeo? What is all that stuff behind you?

Pinkstripe said...

Wasn't it Coco Chanel who said that after dressing and before going out, you should take off the last thing you put on? Or at least that you should remove one accessory? I don't think your dress needs a necklace. And I think that is a dandy picture.