satan's minions, at work again

at Walgreens, of course

Me, strep throat. Attempting to fill two prescriptions. One, antibiotic. The other, throat gargle solution. On throat solution, Walgreens pharm tech says "You'll have to go to a SPECIALTY pharmacy to get this filled. Like one at the hospital. We don't have these SPECIAL ingredients. No Walgreens does." OK, who knows what kind of exotic potion this is. The Pastor and I leave Walgreens. I wonder, could the CVS across the street possibly have these exotic ingredients? Hmmmmmmmm! We drive across the street, explain to the CVS GENIUS pharmacist, who laughs and says my gargle will be ready in half an hour.

Sorry, Walgreens, but I can't simultaneously deal with stupidity and strep throat.

The Pastor was very sweet, even though I was sick and spoiled. I would say acting spoiled, but I wasn't acting. I wanted soup. What kind of soup? Wonton soup or tortilla soup. He didn't want to drive that far. OK, then it woud have to be Lipton noodle soup in a box with the little, tiny noodles. I can't deal with noodle soup in a can. What I didn't tell the Pastor was I don't like the soup in a can because I think those noodles look like worms and I haven't been able to eat any worm-resembling food or fishsticks since I read How to Eat Fried Worms when I was a kid. The Pastor tried to find my soup with no success and I appreciate the effort, but I'm still not sure why he came home with a meat pizza. You know, one of the ones a vegetarian (like me) can't even try to pick the meat off because he got hamburger and it's just impossible.


Anonymous said...

Strp throat is the worst. Sorry you are sick. I do have to say that How to eat Fried Worms was one of my favs as a child!

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

I hope you feel better soon Robyn.

Lala said...

Hi Robyn!!! Feel better soon!!!

LOL... the pastor must not've read the "aisle signs"... they sell the LIPTON soup at both WALGREENS and CVS... but I guess he was looking for the aisle with the "meat pizza"... :o)

Lala :o)

Anonymous said...

I had an experience today with the pharmacy that I thought you'd get a kick out of if you have time to read it! I hope you're better since CVS actually carried your top secret formula!

Kate said...

Oh Typhoid Mary...I can't even leave town for a week without you getting all sick!

Anonymous said...

The pastor would like the world to know that he consulted with store employees at all stores regarding the special, unique brand of boxed lipton soup. He read all signage, and went down multiple aisles of soup cans, soup mixes, rice mixes, hamburger helper type boxes, medicine aisles and more - at three stores and did not find the *special* concoction. Futhermore, he came home with meat pizza because, after calling Robyn, she told him to "just come home" when he volunteered to go to a 4th store looking for special recipe! In fact, the pizza was getting cold in the car as he rampaged aisles and dealt with store employees over the issue of the "boxed" Lipton soup. "No, I'm sorry store employee. I can't take any of those brands of chicken noodle soup home to my wife. I see you have multiple sizes and brand names. But, to honor my lovely bride I *must* find *Lipton* brand noodle soup *in the box* with the *tiny, little noodles.*"

Jus Shar Designs said...

Strep is rough. Especially when you are an adult.
The last time I had it (24 yrs old) I was sick for about two months. No kidding. I wanted to die.

I despise Walgreens. I do believe satan runs Walgreens. And possibly Walmart too.