Robyn's fabulous movie review and cookie dough vs. banana

For those of you who, like me, enjoyed the movie "Love Actually" because Hugh Grant dances, you will really like "Music and Lyrics."

the reasons I ate cookie dough instead of a banana:

Because the bananas which had been sitting on my counter for more than a week were black and nasty.

But but but the cookie dough which I purchased at the store the same day I bought the bananas, was perfectly fine and fresh and delicious.

I tried to stop. I tried to call a friend for accountability - someone to talk me down from the cookie dough ledge. I called Dr. Friend! Surely a doctor could tell me how unhealthy it is to eat dough, tell me about salmonella or some bad cookie realated disease, but she didn't answer, and by then I was pretty sick of eating the dough anyway.

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