Anonymous said...

What a blog!! I was in OKC this week and worked non-stop Monday - Wednesday evening and then on a plane back to Austin Thursday morning. Then, Stephen's Ministry Thursday night, Doctor (you know, Well Woman thing they call it...man thought that up, I am sure) Friday morning, work in afternoon, Kelly, Gabriel, & Audrey last night and then hair salon this morning. WHAT A WEEK!! We are off to Italy for 2 weeks Tuesday and then back on Tuesday night late and off to OKC on Friday, June 8 for a wedding!! I will try to give you a call. The wedding is Saturday afternoon and then I am off to work in AZ with Diana Lee on Sunday! I just need to survive until June 20 or so, take a few days down time and then MAYBE get my life back on a normal track!!

I am so happy that you are having such a FABULOUS time. I know it is not without some tough stuff, but, hey, second time around is a bit difficult to mix. Onward and upwards, right?? Take it easy and know that I think of you often. So happy that things are working so well. God is GOOD isn't He; ALL THE TIME. Love You. Paula

Lala said...

Hi Robyn! I came across your bolg by happy accident! Saved it to my favorites and have been periodically reading it (or at least 99.9% of it the past few days! You are a great writer!!! OH... and the pic of you and THE PASTOR (dtd 9.3.05) is super cute too!!! I will continue to visit your blog! Best wishes! lala :o)