I saw this list on another blog and I stole it. The answers are mine though.

1. Where is your cell phone? I don't know. It's usually lost.

2. Your Vehicle? In the driveway and in the garage. Who cares. We're talking a mini van and/or a Honda with damage on every single panel. It's not like anyone is going to steal either one.

3. Your hair? Flat-ironed, slighly curled under. Oh, and totally my natural color.

4. Your father?: Probably shooting something.

5. Your favorite thing?: Things. Cupcakes. Shopping. New clothes. Cake. Starbucks. Spring. Having the windows open and the fresh air blowing through the house. The smell of fabric softener. Strawberry bubble bath. Donuts. Mexican food. Traveling to Europe.

6. Your dream last night?: I know I had one, but I can't remember it. Oh, wait a minute, I was at work at my old job. Bossing people around.

7. The room you’re in?: Family room/exercise room. Sitting on giant bean bag chair with Pastor. He is watching "Blood Diamond" movie.

8. You are? Robyn!

9. What do you want to be in 10 years? A famous writer.

10. Who did you hang out with today? The Pastor. Mom. Dad. Nate. Becca from across the street. Grey's Anatomy.

11. What you’re not? Answering this question.

12. Muffins?: Weight Watchers chocolate.

13. One of your wish list items? I have everything I could ever wish for, and more.

14. Where is the ______ ?: "Oh where is my hairbrush" - the Pastor sings that song everyday.

15. The last thing you did? Made myself a grilled cheese (love that sandwich maker!) with fresh bread from the good bakery and a bowl of minestrone. Ate and watched part of The Office and Grey's Anatomy. Had to go to 6th Grade orientation tonight.

16. What are you wearing?: This is not that kind of blog! Blue and white striped sun dress from Ann Taylor.

17. Your pet(s)?: One son, the Pastor, two step-daughters. I also take in strays.

18. Your mood?: Don't ask!

19. Missing? Having a small child!

20. What are you thinking about right now? I have a headache. I don't like this movie. Why didn't the Pastor bring me a Pepsi Icy.

21. Your Shoes?: No shoes on the carpet! Right now barefoot, but before it was white wedges.

22. Your work?: Professional Blogger.

23. Your summer? Swimming. Amusement Park. Water Park. Philly. D.C.! New York City! Florida! The Bahamas! Tan! Bikini all summer long! I'm taking Nora Ephron's advice to wear one every second I can, and I have about two dozen really cute ones. Snow cones. Cotton dresses.


meeer said...

i dropped by by chance, but i loved reading what you wrote!
and i don't even speak in english!
have a good day!

The Story Teller said...

I love your humor and wit. Keep it up and you'll no doubt stay married for a long, long time - well at least until the next life. May you always enjoy the abundant life!