No complaining allowed!

I got up Saturday morning and made breakfast for Nate & the Pastor. Biscuits and bacon. Hey - it's what I had! First, Nathan got up and didn't want to eat the thick, hickory-smoked bacon because it makes him too thirsty. OK, then just a biscuit for you.

Then, the Pastor got up and complained there was no gravy. Has there ever been gravy? No! I am gravy impaired! I did not inherit the gravy making gene.

So when I made the Pastor's plate, this is what he got. Angry biscuit.

And I am never getting up and making breakfast again. Next time I'll just go to Starbucks!

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Kate said...

That is the strangest, most disturbing biscuit I have ever had. When we're in DC, please don't make breakfast. : )