13 going on 80

Yesterday, I went to the mall (shocker!) with Mom. Mom was looking for clothes to send to my niece, Kitty Kat, soon to be 13.

Mom utilized me as her high-fashion model. As you can imagine, I was just thrilled to be modeling clothes intended for a teenager. I, unfortunately, have no other need to be at American Eagle Outfitters.

I tried on one particular top. Mom was trying to gauge the size on me and exclaimed "Now, I just have to remember that SHE has boobs."

Ouch. Out-boobed by a pre-teen. AGAIN.

Later that day, I went to get some groceries at the Big-Box grocery store. I'll call it Big-Box because that's what the documentary the Pastor made me watch last night kept calling it. Oh, the crazy things the Pastor and I do at night. We get the kids to bed, and watch independent filmmaker documentaries on Mom and Pop businesses vs. the giant chain stores.

Back to my Big-Box story, I had an hour before I had to pick Nate up from school. I blitzed through the store, and when I checked out I realized I could not find my keys. I hope I left the van unlocked!

Boy did I ever. Not only did I leave it unlocked, not only did I leave the keys in the ignition, I left the van RUNNING the entire time I was in the Big-Box. You know, because gas is so cheap and all.

I am either (1) starting to experience serious "senior moments" after my high-numbered b-day, or (2) on some unconcious level, I secretly want someone to steal the van so I can get a Volkswagen Bug.


Kate said...

As long as you still know the van is a van, you have nothing to worry about.

I'd bet on you want it stolen!

Pinkstripe said...

I was so happy when I thought my old car was stolen. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Pinkstripe said...

P.S. Oh, if only they made a discount Big-Boob store.