he was right

Pastor: Reclining in the recliner, wearing his squishy travel neck pillow, resting.

Me: Right in front of him, attempting to perform routine I learned from my Carmen Electra video.

Pastor: "Stop it! I need to rest my eyes!"

Me: Confused, this wasn't in the video!

Me: "You mean that in ALL your 37 years (he's not 37, he just thinks he is) that you've had this happen to you SO MANY TIMES, you'll just take a pass on this one? Don't you want to be Electra-fied?"

Pastor: Laughing. "Guess I know what your next blog entry will be about."


Lala said...

Please don't tell me that the PASTOR was in one of those cheesy overstuffed recliners... LOL... FABULOUS entry!!! I"ve shared your blog with a couple of friends too! Lala :o)

Audra said...

he knows you so well. :)

Debbie in Ca said...

omg, you are too funny. Just found your blog and the first entry I read was about the about the youngest daughter wanting to be a stripper and the oldest telling a lie about skittles.
I look forward to reading more!