field of dreams

If you build it, they will come.

And more importantly, if you whine incessantly and are demanding about your birthday, they will bring you presents, bake you cookies and take you out to eat.

I am exhausted. Am I exhausted from my party? No. Am I exhuasted from opening all my presents? No. Am I exhausted from shopping this afternoon? No. I am exhausted because after two days of eating with my "it's my birthday (or it's NEARLY my birthday) and I can eat whatever I want attitude," I am exhausted from holding my stomach in.

List of free things I received for my birthday:
-donut at Starbucks
-drink with whipped cream at Starbucks
-lunch (Thanks, Dad)
-orange hunting hat at country club
-chocolate covered strawberry
(this list does not include my presents)

I really am tired. I'm trying to type this and the Pastor keeps interrupting me. More tomorrow. I have one hour and seven minutes left of my birthday and I intend to milk it for all it's worth.


Kate said...

Happy Birthday sexy woman!

Melissa Jacobs said...

My birthday too! Happy Belated Birthday. ;~)

noelle said...

you crack me up!