my middle finger

I slammed my finger in the closet door tonight. Why was I that eager to shut the closet door? What was I afraid would happen if I looked at my clothes for a few more seconds?

The Pastor and I will be alone on the 4th. It truly will be an independence day.

But by then, he will probably have seen the Discover card statement and know that Macy's had I.N.C. 25% off, then take 40% off the lowest marked price!!!!! How could I refuse?

Maybe that's why I hurt my finger tonight? Maybe the Pastor has somehow used his spiritual magic to put some kind of spell on my closet to reject new clothes?

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noelle said...

Enjoy your time alone...I'll have my 6 kids plus a friends' 2 kids and her husband. guess I'm babysitting her whole family that day! LOL