out of the mouth of the Pastor

"You don't LOOK maternal."

What a nice compliment. I can only assume that is because I don't wear ball caps and mom jeans.

Good. Then I don't have to take credit for kids. Maybe people will think they don't belong to me. My plan is working, and I look fabulous.

And I'm quite certain, if you ask the children, I don't act maternal either.


C.A. said...

To the Pastor:

Dearest Pastor: pLooking maternal is not always a GOOD thing. Maternal is not a LOOK, it's an instinct. Some of enjoy rocking our high fashion clothing, Prada purses, and pink pedicured toes. We secretly, and not so secretly are some of the BEST Mother's on the planet, besides being awesome, smoking hot wives. No, we all don't always LOOK maternal. Just like all Pastor's don't always LOOK Pastoral.

Mom of 4 wonderful children...
Daughter 25, Son 24, Step Daughter 19 and Daughter 15....

...another "you don't LOOK maternal" Mom. :)

Pinkstripe said...

I'm sorry, but when do you ever look maternal?

LM told me this morning he liked "the PTA outfit you wore to dinner with my folks the other night." PTA? "Yeah, something you wear to show the other moms how hot you still are."

LB said...

You're the hottest mom I've ever seen. I sure do miss you. If I learn how to make that recipe, I will definitely come see you!

lifeinsuburbia said...

I am totally up for you giving me the baby, but yes, we would have to get someone to take the toddler. Charley is KILLING ME!

We can't wait to see you guys, you might have to switch from Cheevers to Deep Fork. :)

madame x said...

Dear PB,
Thank you for the very nice wedding photo comment ...but, you forgot to mention the totally adorable three yr old.
He would be especially upset at this neglect, as he specializes in 'older women'(maternal looking or not)..... I think he might particularly like the the pastorswife :D

you can dance..... right?