my second evil plot of the week

Evil Robyn is busy this week.

You know how the Pastor LOVES loves loves to shop at Goodwill?

I've found a way to break his spirit.

Now instead of criticizing his Goodwill shopping, I am embracing it. Now I insist on going. And I am really quite skilled at the second-hand shopping. I put the "good" in Goodwill. I find the stuff new with tags, and designer labels.

So now instead of his happy, meager Goodwill visits, I managed to spend a whopping $72 the other day. Do you have any idea how much stuff you have to buy at Goodwill to have a $72 purchase? It's a whole basket full of stuff!

I am sensing a decrease in his desire to go to Goodwill. I figure soon he will either not want to go, since I insist on tagging along and tripling his purchase, or he'll have to start sneaking off to shop there . . .

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C.A. said...

$72 at GOODWILL? I bow down to you, oh Godess of shopping! Great job, Robyn! :)