bikini mission

After reading Nora Ephron's book "I Feel Bad About My Neck" earlier this year, I vowed that this summer I would wear a bikini every chance I get.

My plans have only been foiled by the fact that it rained every day continuously for way too long. And the whole point was to wear them at the pool/White Water/beach, etc., and not just around the house! But the sun is finally shining and I can start working on my lofty goal. Below are a few of my suits. And I must say, this is a nice change from the suits I used to have to wear in July - skirts, jackets and pantyhose - back in the day when I had to dress "corporate." Ick.

And if any of my friends need a swimsuit, let me know. I have quite few! Maybe this could be a new mission field for me.


C.A. said...

Robyn, how do you get so lucky? The only bikini around here is the one my daughter's friend was modeling this morning in my living room. In honor of your bikini post, I put the picture on my blog. It's not pretty, believe me.



Taylor said...
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Taylor Caraway said...

Hey, tell the pastor that Taylor Caraway says hello. Where is he working now?