cracking up

I'm not dead, and I haven't been scared away by an anonymous commenter, I just haven't had a computer. My Mac has a crack and had to go to the shop.


Anonymous said...

I never thought I'd scare you away, lol, nor was that ever my inention. I'm just a curious reader. I wondered whether or not you like your stepkids and how your husband feels about the things you say about them.
Hope your Mac gets better soon.

Anonymous said...

I linked to you in my latest post, AND you're on my sidebar! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm a friend of Kate's and I got to your blog from hers. I'm new to this stuff, but I wanted you to know how I got here!

Lala said...

Robyn... As long as your Mac isn't sporting a PLUMBER'S CRACK... LOL... all is well right? LOL... Hope your MAC feels better soon! :o) Lala

Kate said...

In anesthesia jargon, MAC means "mean alveolar concentration". Are you referring to that, or a brand of computer? I'm confused.

madame x said...

just how does a Mac get a crack?

the word verification spells:


thats me a 'lazy fa foof'

Sonya said...

Get back on. I need to read your witty writing. I will send you frosting if you need it.

From your Colorado Fan