Parsonage, or circus tent?

Ahhhhh. Child sitting in chair at desk, working on computer.

That's not scary, is it?

Child sitting in chair, at desk, working on computer. Other child sitting on shoulders of child sitting in chair at desk, working on computer.

But don't worry about the Pastor. He was protected from this scene, peacefully asleep in our bed.


C.A. said...

Um...I'm guessing things aren't going well there?

I've been a Stepmom for 16 years. You have every ounce of empathy I have, girl.

I'm going shopping on Michigan Ave. in Downtown Chicago this weekend...I shall bring you with me in spirit!



noelle said...

sounds like my house...is anyone googling items of female anatomy? That's what my boys would be doing!!!

My mom just spent 5 days here and says my house is a circus looking for a tent. ummm, thanks, mom.