bahama mama

Greetings from the Bahamas.

That's where I am. The Pastor didn't toss me over the side of a cruise ship.

It's been just lovely. There are no children here. Well, there are children, just not any of mine. The only irritant I've had for days is sand in my bikini bottoms. Oh, and I didn't like it when the Pastor ordered fish yesterday that came on the plate with it's eyeballs still intact.

I've found a Starbucks every day. Not necessarily the real thing, you know those "We Proudly Brew" places, but close enough.

p.s. I did visit the happiest place on earth in Florida - the Coach outlet!!!


C.A. said...

Youre back...sort of! Are you cruising or taking a stationary vacation? I hope you have a great time!

Pinkstripe said...

How many suits did you bring? How many Coach bags did you buy?

lifeinsuburbia said...


Kate said...

Whenever you decide to come back to the mainland and visit us Little People, we need to get a mani-pedi.

Glad you're having a much needed break from step parenting! Maybe a teensy-weensy pastor jr. will result from this trip!

Suzie said...

O i love coach...there is an outlet near my home well 3 miles away! have a great vaca...and take time to smell the perfume...channel!!!

Emmeline said...

wow, have fun . . . I'm very jealous! what a nice break from the kids!