what not to wear, but what to blog

Greetings from Tulsa, OK. The Pastor is working, and I am in a hotel room, on a king-size bed, blissfully child-free. I have already utilized the hotel fitness center and the room's very large jacuzzi tub. Plus, I had mexican food and a cupcake today. That's what I call a good freakin' day!

things I really really like right now
1. Giving the Pastor personal space so he can finish his important scholarly research about Kings and Judges and Samuel and violence. Blah blah blah. Whatever. Translation: spending lots of time walking around the mall.
2. Very strange book by Amy Sedaris - I Like You. I know I am supposed to underline book titles, but I can't figure out how to underline in blogger. Please don't count off any points for poor grammar.
3. Top Pot donuts, new at my Starbucks.
4. A few days ago, I was really liking cookies from the German bakery, but I liked too many of them as evidenced at my Weight Watchers weekly weigh-in.
5. Cupcakes. If I had to pick a last meal, it would be donuts, cupcakes, cookies and mexican food.
6. Watching "What Not to Wear" - cable television!

things I haven't been liking so much
1. The stupid person at Kinko's, who told me that by making a color copy of the freakin' art certificate my son received from the State Department of Education that I was making an illegal copy, violating copyright laws. To anyone from the State Department of Education who cares, I am sorry and I throw myself at your mercy. But if you arrest me, then how will I get Nate to school?
2. All that personal space the Pastor is needing for his important scholarly work.
3. There are so many step-parenting stories, I wouldn't even know where to begin. I wish they would at least get better at lying if they're not going to stop.
4. The stupid people at the tag agency. People were genuinely surprised they need their insurance verification to get their car tags. I was the only person in the place who actually had their insurance verification.

Tomorrow, while the Pastor works, I will have to spend the day at the mall. It's a rough life.

Oh my friend would be so happy. They just showed a dress I actually own on "What Not to Wear" - I think they filmed at Macy's. I'm so proud of me.

Just a few short weeks left until some of the most important days of the year - Cinco de Mayo and my birthday. My mom was due to have me on Cinco de Mayo, went into labor, but I was born a couple of hours after midnight. Wisely, even then, I knew I wanted an excuse to eat mexican food twice in one week. I know you probably think it's hard for me to be any more self-centered than I already am, but you'd better watch it. On my b-day, I'm worse than usual.

Gotta go. Someone has to jump on this hotel room bed!

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Pinkstripe said...

It's the green and black one, isn't it!