should coulda coma

Today is our anniversary. Two years. Can you believe I have blather blah-blahed on this thing for two years now?

Pillow talk, last night. Technically this morning, 6 a.m., when the Pastor climbed into bed after another looooooong night of bible scholar work (Personally, I don't know how he does it. All that deuteronical history would put me right to sleep. In fact, I am yawning just typing about it.):

The Pastor: By they way, you snore.


The Pastor, being Pastoral: Oh, you know, X Person is in a medically induced coma.

Me: I snore? How do I snore? Is it a cute snore?

The Pastor: Now there's something you can blog about. I'm trying to tell you about someone in a coma, and you are all concerned about how you snore.


I only have one regret about marrying the Pastor. I should have worn another dress. Fabulous Friend, you were right. I could have borrowed your dress, but I was probably too fat.

OK, so regret #2 is that I didn't join Weight Watchers right as soon as the Pastor proposed. We got married three weeks after he proposed, but I probably could have dropped five pounds.

Oh, one more regret, the beautiful coral dress I returned after the Pastor and I decided we couldn't elope. We talked about it, and I got a dress (a really great dress), but apparently when you are a Pastor some church people might frown upon you running off and getting hitched. You have to tell people in advance. Not to mention stuff like that can really freak the kids out.

I shoulda kept that dress though.

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Pinkstripe said...

We'll get another dress and make it the equivalent of your wedding dress. We can make it your third (aka golden) wedding anniversary dress and spend the next year shopping for it.