politics, anyone?

I know I'm not one to talk about political things on this blog, but we have an important election coming up and I can't keep my mouth shut.

Dad is up for President of the Gun Club.

Yes, that's right, the pacifist Pastor's father-in-law regularly shoots at things. Which is one of the reasons I have a conceal-carry permit, but that is a whole other story.

And the most exciting thing is, if Dad wins, then Mom gets to be First Lady of the Gun Club. And I'd be the President's daughter.

So Vote for Larry!


Pinkstripe said...

So I guess he IS a lifelong hunter.

Allison Rae said...

Hi, Robyn! My friend Tracey sent me your link and I spent two days at work (I clearly work hard) reading your whole journal. You're my new favorite must-read!

I get such a kick out of your stories and love that your daddy is a Larry too! Larrys make good, gun-totin daddies.

Oh and the pastor is a cutie!

Kate said...

I think YOU should run for president of the gun club. You are much prettier to look at, which is the single most important thing to being president of anything.