in case you were wondering how I fill the hours of the day


The Pastor and I get to go as grown-up, chaperone-type people. I talked to Nate the other day about possibly going with us, and he said no thank you, why would I want to go to something where people kiss and dance all night?

I laughed because this is a Nazarene event, and neither will happen.

Anyway, I was delighted when the Pastor asked me to be his date last week, in part because I wasn't sure he still liked me, and finding the right dress (even though I probably already have it in one of my closets) gave me something to do this week.

Events like this can be tricky. The last formal event we went to, I felt like I was too dressed up. I liked what I wore to last year's prom - simple, cotton white dress. But can I outfit repeat? Absolutely not. I settled on a simple, blue cotton dress. I settled on it, but once the Pastor looks up the credit card statement he may have other opinions.

And I have metallic eyeshadow - I know how old I am, but the What Not to Wear makeup lady said metallic is in, so that makes it ok - right? I promise I'll go easy on it.

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