Pastoral Message

Dear Pastor,

Just in case you are reading this while you are gone -

1. The Rabbit died.

2. I can't breathe. I thought maybe it would be different this time when I breathed bleach fumes.

3. I've been driving the fuel-inefficient van all week. Haven't driven the Honda once.

4. Not only have I still not cleaned out that red Rubbermaid tote in the garage, I've added more stuff to it.

5. I am not at all concerned about your 20 cent fine at the library. I may just let it ride until the day you come home.

6. I used the credit cards, but you already knew that, didn't you? : )

7. A man held a door open for me today and when I said thank you he said "my pleasure." And believe me, it WAS his pleasure. I look very cute today.

8. Some stuff just isn't the same without you. Like when Mr. Gifted-n-talented was explaining to me about the technology that will allow him to go to Mars, telling me about it while his fly was unzipped.

9, I smell just like cotton candy. At least I think I do, stupid bleach fumes.

10. Well, the bed's a complete mess. I haven't made it. Not even once.

11. I went to the Church of the Jumbotron.

Of course, by "Rabbit" you know I mean the white chocolate one from Godiva. He didn't make it til Easter.

Oh, and unlike your library fine, I very eagerly went to the Post Office to pay the postage due on a parcel. Very excitedly, because I figured it was some sort of anniversary present for me, even though I am such a nice and helpful wife and told you I would take care of that for you. You can imagine my disappointment to learn it was a book about Eichmann, Jerusalem and the Banality of Evil.

I love you and miss you.

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