go fish

In case you watched Grey's Anatomy tonight, apparently the penis fish does exist. Google it. And I don't care if it only happens in places like the Amazon - I will now use this as my reason to never, ever swim in a lake again. I've been looking for a good reason. The Pastor has not found any of the other excuses I've used to be credible.

I have a friend who is doctor. We'll call her Dr. Friend.

This week, I decided I was about 50/50 on whether or not it would be a cool job to be a doctor, the 50/50 being based on exactly two stories told to me by Dr. Friend. One, a patient threw up on Dr. Friend's shoes. Now, as exciting as it would be to have a legitimate reason to go shoe shopping, someone barfs on my shoes and I'd be looking for a new job. I would even have issues with my own flesh and blood barfing on my footwear so thank goodness Nate wasn't much of a thrower-upper when he was a wee one.

But then I decided it might be a cool job to be a doctor when Dr. Friend relayed the story about getting to ask a female patient why her testicles were missing, but her penis was not. Maybe a fish was somehow involved?

I almost wish I hadn't seen that on Grey's Anatomy tonight. No telling what I'll dream about now - certainly not Dr. McDreamy.


Kate said...

Well now Robyn, you should have no fear about swimming in the Amazon. The penis fish would not like you...unless there's something you've been hiding from us! Hmmmm.

Pinkstripe said...

I don't know about penis fish, because I turn off ABC after Ugly Betty. But I almost threw up on my own shoes today when the plane landed from our California trip. Me and the motion sickness.