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I hate Payless.

Visit to store #1 to buy red Kenley button sandals. I saw them in a magazine!

Have in my size, but they are scratched. OH, and it's buy one pair, get the next half off, so I HAVE to find another pair. Have to. Not a problem. Want to buy two pairs of shoes, but guess what? They don't have another non-scratched pair of the red Kenley button sandals.

Am given piece of paper with COUPON if I go purchase the shoes at another Payless. Yes, they tell you what Payless's to go to. Go to Payless #2, and they have the red Kenley button sandals BUT NOT THE OTHER PAIR OF SHOES I WANT. I ask sales lady "do you have these in a 7 NOT wide" to which she replies "that shoe only comes in wide."

Uhhhhhh, nuh uh.

Yes it does. (Yes, please argue with me.)


By this time, I decide to go the route which always makes me happiest, using a machine which allows me to avoid dealing with people. I decide to just go home and order shoes from the www.

Guess what? One of the two pairs - I can't order on-line.

This would only be an actual crisis if I didn't already own like a hundred pair of shoes.


LB said...


Payless+"special"feet=blisters. I do need new black work shoes. I bought mine for a dance in 10th grade.

Oh, and you should be proud of me. I spent more time on my hair this morning that all of college hair prep combined.

Suzie said...

that is why i stopped going to payless.... one shoe but not the other or not the right fit....or just minimum wage employees that don't know

Emmeline said...

the only thing Payless is good for (besides some ridiculously low prices) is directing you to other payless stores. I have had this happen too. And it was also a buy one/get one 1/2 off sale. I went to three payless-es in this instance. What did I end up with? One pair of shoes that is very cute and fits great. One pair that is very cute and fits so-so. It was the best I could find after 3 stores. Oh well. I guess that's why their prices are so low. They can't charge $50 for such unsatisfactory inventory.


Ch@ndy said...

I've run into a similar problem at other stores and this is my solution:

1. Buy desired shoe and wrong sized shoe at the special price.

2. Go to other store, and exchange wrong shoe for right shoe.

Guilty Secret said...

Oh man that is *so* frustrating.