Scene: Fort Lauderdale hotel room, this morning. The Pastor is in the shower.

Me, shouting out to the Pastor: Did you see the traffic outside?

(because we live in a place where there is virtually no public transportation and everyone drives a car, yet there's hardly any traffic so traffic is fascinating)

Pastor, responding: Did I see the prophets outside???

First, why would there be a prophet on the streets of Fort Lauderdale? It's not Spring Break!?!

Second, why would the Pastor think I would be starting up a conversation with him about prophets? On vacation? Really? Before coffee?


Next scene: At Fort Lauderdale airport. Trying to use automatic ticket printing machine, as to not have to deal with humans. Machine won't work, have to go talk to human. While we are waiting to talk to person, the following conversation ensues:

Me: I think the machine is not working because they want to put us on an earlier flight and we will actually have less travel time today.

Pastor: Nu-uh.

Guess what? I am the freaking prophet in Fort Lauderdale! ME! We got an earlier flight. The Pastor tried to tell me it didn't count because it only got us in 45 minutes earlier, but I know I better.

Off to see what else I can prophesy. (Yes, following my typing the word prophesy there was a five minute discussion with the Pastor if prophesy is gramatically correct.)

Oh, and I'm home.

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Kate said...

I will expect more blogs now.

Welcome back!