thankfully, he uses his powers for good and not evil

The Pastor and I had joint doctor appointments. The Pastor is freakishly competitive, and it bothered him that my pulse was lower than his. Mine was 64, thank you very much.

So he sits in the doctor's office and wills his pulse to lower to beat me. He managed to get his pulse down one point.

He didn't try to beat my blood pressure though. My blood pressure was something like 91/54. The Pastor said I was "practically dead" and he didn't want any part of that.


C.A. said...

"practically dead"...that made me laugh outloud! :)

Kate said...

I have secret medical knowledge on how to instantly lower one's pulse. Have The Pastor call me.

Guilty Secret said...

Ha ha my boyfriend deliberately lowers his pulse even when he takes it himself! What is the point?!