I got sick just as soon as I got home.

Stupid allergies!

Stupid re-circulated, contaminated air on airplanes!

Plus it was probably taxing on my immune system. You know, to go from a complete, relaxing vacation, to come home where I have to do absolutely nothing.

I'm almost better. And speaking of naturally, I'm getting my hair highlighted tomorrow. That always makes a girl feel better.


DoMaLaYs said...

a girl feel bitter ..


may be

C.A. said...

Feel better soon, Robyn. Highlights are like an uber strong anti-histamine for allergies, I hear.


Lala said...

Hi Robyn... Sorry for your sniffles... maybe a good dose of the beautyshop air will clear them! :o) Thanks for the visit!

Yea... airplane air... THE WORST!

Lala :o)

Fej said...

Hey there, hope you are back up to speed soon. It sounds like you had quite a vacation! I hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks for checking in on me, guess I'm not around so much anymore.